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Take an Eye Test Online!


1. Print these tests onto a sheet of paper and follow instructions.
2. Print as is, without changing dimensions.
3. Set your printer for "Best Quality" priniting.
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Testing your Vision

People of all ages require regular eye examinations to check vision and eye health. This chart provides a quick test to see how your reading and distance vision compares to what is expected in 'normal vision'.

  • Test one eye at a time.
    (Cover one eye but keep both eyes open.)
  • Wear glasses or contact lenses, if usually worn.
    (If you use separate reading glasses, wear them for the reading vision test only.)
  • Do the tests in a well-lit area.
    (Avoid shadows on the chart.)
  • Do not squint, relax your eyes.
Especially useful for people 40 years or older.

Cover one eye ata time and hold this card at your normal reading distance (about 40 cm from your eyes.)
Can you read the bottom line on the chart below?

Distance Vision Test

Carry out the two tests below at 1.5m
(ex. Place card on floor and tilt head down.)


Can you read ALL the black and grey letters with each eye?


Do any of these lines appear much darker than others with each eye?

How Did you Perform

If you marked any of the RED boxes, keep this card and visit your eye care practitioner who will further assess your vision.

  • These tests do not replace the need for regular eye examinations.
  • Passing these tests does not imply complete eye health.

credit: essilorindia

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