Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Introducing Zeiss Individual

Introducing Zeiss Individual


Your eyes are unique to you. Because of that, any lens that isn't made just for you is a compromise which affects your vision. But today exciting innovations in the science of lens design by ZEISS have created a revolutionary new way of seeing that eliminates those compromises.

Zeiss Individual™ is the first progressive lens to integrate how your frames, face and prescription work together. Now your eye care professional can deliver a one-of-a-kind lens that is precisely personalized for just one person – you.

There's never been a better time to wear eyeglass lenses. That's because Zeiss Individual delivers a vision experience unlike any seen before.


Key Benefits:

·         Clearer Vision Did you know that your vision is impacted by how your nose and cheekbones position your eyeglass lenses? It's true, but until now technology could not account for this important fact. So, while your prescription was accurate, your vision was not. No more.
Zeiss Individual™ is the first lens that uses precise measurements of how your lenses are actually worn to deliver your best vision possible. The result is improved visual acuity for clearer, sharper vision.

Unlimited frame choices Many of today's more popular eyeglass frames are sleek and narrow, while others are big and bold. Because Zeiss Individual™ lenses are custom designed and built for your specific frame choice, they can deliver the best possible vision without limiting your choice of styles. All in a lens that delivers clear all-distance vision regardless of frame size - big or small. 
Ask your eye care professional today about Zeiss Individual™ lenses to fit your style.

·         Wider Viewing Zones Your Zeiss Individual™ lenses are personalized just for you. So every part of your lens is optimized for how you alone see. This ensures that your Zeiss Individual™ lenses provide the widest clearest viewing zones possible, with up to 50%* larger fields of clear vision, optimized for even for the most intricate prescriptions.

Personalized patient engravings Proof of personalization is visible not only in the performance and accuracy of the ZEISS technology, but in the actual lens itself. Each Zeiss Individual™ lens bears a discreet laser micro-etching that can be customized for the patient’s name or initials (up to three letters). Zeiss Individual: precisely personalized for you.


Also available in Single Vision Whether you're near-sighted, far-sighted or somewhere in-between there is a ZEISS personalized lens design that's right for you. New Zeiss Individual™ SV is a new generation of single vision lens that can be precisely personalized just for you to deliver your best vision possible.

Key Benefits:
Breakthrough edge-to-edge clarity
Up to 50% larger clear fields of view
Uses precise measurements of how your lenses are worn to deliver improved visual acuity
Fully personalized for your prescription, face and frame
Includes premium ZEISS anti-reflective coating

Official link: http://www.personalizedlens.com/



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