Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to verify the Rx of Zeiss Free form Lenses!

                All the Zeiss GT2 and Individual lenses are made by free form  Technology.  These lenses are calculated to deliver the correct Rx power when worn by the patient. Due to the optical optimization the compensated prescription values may be noticeably different from the prescribed/ordered Rx values. You can see the compensated Rx on the Rx verification ticket which we are sending along with all free form lens job cards.



How to verify the Rx of Zeiss Free form Lenses (all kinds of GT2 and  Individual lenses)


Ø  Measure the compansated Rx power in the distance checking circle.

Ø  Measure the compensated Add at the marked (NRP) position.

Ø  Measure the compansated prism at the prism refrence point-PRP(below the fitting cross)

Ø  The relevant ANSI tolarance can be applied, as for any progressive lenses.


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