Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zeiss Cinemizer

The optical and electro-optical German company ZEISS intends to launch a new product which is called "CinemizerOLED" - the follower of the "Cinemizerplus". It is a multimedia video eyewear designed for playing games and watching videos. It creates an immersive viewing experience, like sitting in your private cinema.
Imagine a virtual 45-inch screen in 2 meters (6 feet) distance. With this video eyewear you can even play 3D games and watch 3D movies. In a nutshell, the Cinemizer is your personal portable 3D screen.

The CinemizerOLED looks like normal eye- or sunglasses of a somewhat bigger size!

Below are the main features of the CinemizerOLED

Below you can see a detailed description of all different functions and features of the new product:

"One fits all" is best explained by the following three functionalities:

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer is your take along personal video screen and mobile TV. In the future, you'll be able to watch any movie anywhere.

The special ZEISS technology guarantees unparalleled image quality on an imaginary TV screen with a 115cm (45 inches) diagonal at a distance of 2 meters(78 inches) for the cinemizer video glasses

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  1. please visit http://www.zeiss.com/cinemizer for the official site for Zeiss Cinemizer!


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