Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Varilux Ipseo

The choice of excellence


Do wearers normally turn their eyes, their head, or both? To what degree? Because each wearer is unique, Essilor has designed Varilux® Ipseo®, the 1st progressive lens adapted to individual visual behavior.



Varilux Ipseo lenses are unique, offering unequaled quality of vision. They are the ultimate solution for wearers who are seeking a customized solution for their eyes.
The way in which each individual observes his or her surroundings is unique: we all have our own particular visual strategy, an ingenious mix of eye and head movements.
The visual strategy of each individual customer can be determined without difficulty by means of a customized diagnosis performed by an eye care professional.
Each Varilux Ipseo lens is then designed individually to match the particular visual strategy of the wearer for whom it is intended. 


Thanks to Varilux Ipseo, the wearer can once again enjoy truly natural vision


·         Varilux® Ipseo® corrects presbyopia.

·         Varilux® Ipseo® is designed for those who want the best for their eyes.



The technology behind Varilux Ipseo is based on two major innovations:

·         the Wave Front Management System™, a system for calculating the progressive surface of the lens which results in a significant reduction of aberrations

·         Point By Point Twinning™ which then allows ultra-precise digital manufacture (to 1/10th of a micron) of the surface calculated in this way.



Varilux® Ipseo® New Edition: a range of progressive lenses that adapt to sight

Because everyone’s sight is unique, Essilor has created Varilux Ipseo New Edition lenses, progressive lenses designed to work in harmony with the wearer’s vision and visual behaviour. In order to adjust to every type of vision, Varilux Ipseo New Edition lenses feature the latest innovations:

- The integration of ten measurements of visual characteristics: in order to determine the type of progressive lenses ideally suited to the wearer, the optician carries out precise observations of the wearer’s habits: eye movements, size and positioning of the chosen frames, body position in relation to the object being viewed…

- A patented image stabilizer to ensure that all images are clear, even while moving.

Varilux Ipseo New Edition progressive lenses are developed to order, on the basis of the visual “fingerprint”, to give truly exceptional comfort!


Official link : http://www.varilux.com/en/products/Varilux-Ipseo-New-Edition/Pages/Characteristics.aspx


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