Friday, July 8, 2011

Articles and Programs to Download

These are articles and Windows programs available for download from OptiCampus. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view articles and other documents. To install one of the Windows programs available below after downloading it to disk, unzip the program files, run the setup.exe program file to install the software, and then find the actual program short-cut to start the actual software.

Progress in the Spectacle Correction of Presbyopia, Parts 1 and 2:
By Darryl Meister & Scott Fisher, Clinical & Experimental Optometry

Wavefront Aberrations and Spectacle Lenses, Parts 1 and 2:
By Darryl Meister, Dispensing Optics

Optics of Free-Form Lenses:
By Darryl Meister, 20/20 Magazine

Understanding Reference Wavelengths:
By Darryl Meister, Memo for the Vision Council

Fundamentals of Progressive Lens Design:
By Darryl Meister, VisionCare Product News

Prism-Thinning Progressive Lenses:
By Darryl Meister, Dispensing Optics

Progressive Lens Dispensing:
By Darryl Meister, Training Presentation

Memo on Developing Cylinder Axis Tolerances:
By Darryl Meister, Memo for the ANSI Z80 Subcommittee

Introduction to Ophthalmic Optics:
By Darryl Meister & Jim Sheedy, Optics Workbook Published by Carl Zeiss Vision

Spectacle Optics:
The full suite of optical design and analysis tools by Darryl Meister, including Single Vision Optical Analysis & Design, Progressive Lens Analysis, Spectral Analysis & Colorimetry, Prescription Analysis & Compensation, and Geometrical Ray Tracing.
Online Help Documentation

Prescription Compensator:
A prescription analysis and compensation program by Darryl Meister.

Optical Analysis:
A single vision optical analysis program by Darryl Meister.

Magnification Tables:
An Excel spreadsheet of spectacle magnification tables for designing iseikonic lenses by Darryl Meister.

Lens Tilt Tables:
An Excel spreadsheet of prescription compensation factors for titled spherical lenses (must activate macros) by Darryl Meister.

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