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Clarlet 1.5 Aphal Lens

Plastic 1.50 Single Vision Lenses

Clarlet 1.5 Aphal is a plastic, aspheric lenticular lens specially designed for high hyperopia and aphakia.
With a refractive index of 1.501, Clarlet Aphal is the optimum solution: it is light, has a high Abbe number, i.e. low dispersion, and provides excellent visual quality thanks to the asphere in its aperture.

Diagram showing the structure
of a Clarlet 1.5 Aphal

Clarlet 1.5 Aphal - the Lenticular for High Plus Powers Hyperopic patients requiring high plus powers are very demanding: they want lenses which are not only as light as possible in order to reduce the weight of their spectacles, but which also provide them with optimum visual quality. This means that the pronounced astigmatic error typical of high plus powers and which wearers find particularly annoying must be corrected to the greatest possible extent. High index plastic material would, of course, make it possible to produce thinner lenses, but increased dispersion would severely impair visual comfort.


CR 39

100% solar UV-B absorption

Refractive index


>93% solar UV-A absorption

(100% solar UV protection for light reduction levels over 30%)

Abbe no.


Density in g/cm2


Suitable for driving as per DIN EN ISO 14889 (Except for blue 50% and special Medical

filter lenses)

Suitable for driving in twilight or at night as per DIN EN ISO 14889 (clear and all clarlet

colors up to 25% light reduction)

Your Benefits with Clarlet 1.5 Aphal

· Large, unimpaired visual field

· Thinner lenses: up to 10% thinner than Clarlet 1.5

· Lightweight lenses: up to 50% lighter than a glass lens with the same refractive index (Punktal 1.5), Up to 13% lighter than Clarlet 1.5

· Outstanding visual quality thanks to asphere in the aperture

· Flatter curvature than non-aspheric or non-atoric lenses

· Eyes are less magnified than with traditional lenses

· Flat marginal zone allows glazing of standard frames

Recommendations for Clarlet 1.5 Aphal

· high hyperopia from sph +8.00 D to sph +20.00 D

· Fitting in accordance with “centre of rotation” requirement (optical axis of lens runs through eye’s optical centre of rotation) as for all aspheric and atoric lenses

· Super ET and Carat – for maximum clarity and easy lens care

· A second pair of spectacles is always recommended for people with pronounced hyperopia

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