Friday, November 18, 2011

Optifog, the best and most durable protection against lens fogging.

What is Fog?
How to explain foggy eyeglasses?
Fog is water vapor which is condensed into tiny droplets lying close to a surface and limiting considerably visibility.

Eyeglasses become foggy with temperature change, always from a cold to a hot environment.

Fog on lenses depends on different factors:

* The 
temperature difference between the two environments
Relative humidity in the hot environment entered by the wearer
Time of exposure allowing the lenses to adopt the surrounding temperature

Fog is a daily discomfort for eyeglasses wearers. This  always comes on eyeglasses from quick temperature variation in a humid environment.
Fog may happen at every moment of the day, in everyday life situations. 

1. Changing environment

Moving from cold to hot environment like getting out of an AC environment or coming in a heated place is always creating fog on wearers eyeglasses. 
Getting in a bus                 Getting out of a car

2. Indoor activities

        Driking hot beverages       Eating hot food              
Boiling a pot of water     Opening the dishwasher

3. Outdoor activities     

Fog happens on lenses when playing sports such as running, cycling, playing tennis, skiing…

Running                         Cycling
Playing tennis                     Skiing      
A real discomfort during leisure activities such as driving, biking, playing paintball...                                                                       
   Paintball                      Driving / Racing 

 4. At work

Work environment where precision and safety are a priority for the wearers, where wearing a mask or goggles is needed, where changing environment is constant.


Essilor has developed Optifoga breakthrough lens with an exclusive anti-fog property which is the result of intensive Essilor Research & Development work.
Optifog, the best and most durable protection against lens fogging. 

The Optifog lens is activated by the Optifog Activator by simply adding a drop of this concentrate to each side of the Optifog lens.
By gently wiping with a microfiber cloth to make sure to coat the entire surface, eyeglass wearers will find that their vision becomes perfectly fog-free up to one week.

Optifog can work for anyone experiencing problems with fog on their eyeglasses, and is suitable for eyeglasses that correct all types of vision problems.
The result:  No distortion and no loss of contrast


Truly long lasting fog free vision
The many tiny water droplets caused by fog perfectly spread on the lens surface, creating a uniform film of water, invisible to the wearer. 

Wearers Tests
Essilor is using Wearers Tests to assess the efficiency of its new lenses. It is important to know whether a specific product improvement supported by instrumental tests is actually perceived by the eyeglass wearer and whether it leads to a better overall appreciation of the product.
Eyeglass wearers tested Optifog lenses in everyday life situations, where fog can appear on their lenses. 
Wearers Tests results* confirm Optifog performances: 
  • 79% of wearers are satisfied with its fog repellence efficiency**

  • 81% of wearers are satisfied with its efficiency one week after activation**

  • 77% of wearers are satisfied with its ease of cleaning **

  • 87% of wearers are satisfied with its transparency after cleaning**

    * Wearers Tests conducted by a third independent party (France 2011) - Base : all weaers included ( n=100)
    ** Average assessment on fog repellence efficiency at 0,8 and 20 seconds

Is Optifog only for hot and humid countries or cold countries?
No, lens wearers can experience fog on their lenses in all regions even in temperate climate. The frequency of fog may vary but it also depends on individual activities (at work, leisure, everyday life…).

Is Optifog Activator dangerous for one’s eyes?
When applied on the lens, there is absolutely no danger. If a drop does come in contact with eyes, just rinse with water.

Is Optifog the first anti-fog lens? 

Optifog is the first premium ophthalmic lens to bring a perfect and durable protection against fog, associated with maximum protection against other vision enemies such as scratches or glare.

What is Optifog system benefit vs antifog liquids?

Other systems are sold on the market but with less anti-fog efficiency and less everyday clarity of vision. Optifog also provides a more durable solution than its competitors: the anti-fog coating of Optifog durably retains the Optifog Activator for up to one week, under normal conditions.

Moreover anti-fog liquids sold on the market have very variable quality. Even the most efficient of them can bring only anti-fog properties on standard lenses from a couple of hours up to one day. And some fog can remain on the lens.

May I activate Optifog lenses with another anti-fog liquid?
 Optifog maximum anti-fog efficiency depends on the perfect interaction between the lens and the Optifog Activator. The lens has been specifically designed to protect against fog. The Optifog Top Layer has been specifically developed to bring maximum efficiency with Optifog Activator. When other anti-fog liquid are used performances are much lower and can be disappointing for wearers.

Is Optifog a patented innovation? 
Optifog is a technology covered by an international patent application.