Friday, July 29, 2011

PureCoat by Zeiss - Best-performing AR coating ever

Precise-Form™ by ZEISS Technology doesn’t get more personal
ZEISS invented the anti-reflective coating almost 75 years ago. We’ve been building on that breakthrough technology ever since, making AR coatings that are clearer, more durable and more convenient to use. With PureCoat™ by ZEISS, they have created our best-performing AR coating ever.
Pure ClarityPure ConveniencePure Durability
Less than 1% luminous reflectance delivers crisper vision and is virtually free from distracting reflections.State-of-the-art anti-static technology sealed with a super-slick coating resists smudges and dirt.Long-lasting super-hydrophobic coating is easy to clean and an ultra-tough hard coat provides exceptional abrasion resistance.
PureCoat by ZEISS lets your patients see the world with extraordinary clarity and brilliance. One of the secrets is the unique blue hue of PureCoat by ZEISS, which reduces up to 50% more annoying reflections than other leading AR coatings.The PureCoat by ZEISS advanced super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating resists oil and water droplets for easy cleaning throughout the life of the prescription and keeps lenses cleaner, longer..PureCoat by ZEISS maintains its hydrophobic performance over the lifetime of the prescription. And with up to 50% more scratch resistance than many other leading AR coatings*, PureCoat by ZEISS is extremely durable. When your patients come back for their new prescription, they’ll want PureCoat by ZEISS again.
*Based on Bayer test conducted at COLTS Laboratories, an independent testing facility.
Pure Clarity
Pure Clarity
Pure Nights
Pure Nights
Pure Sight
Pure Sight

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