Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Essilor Airwear 1.59

Airwear 1.59

What wearers want...

For people who rely on their spectacles for daily use, having the right lens is paramount.
The lenses must be comfortable yet robust enough to cope with all daily activities, from sport right through to driving!

Airwear 1.59 lenses as light as a feather...
Airwear 1.59 lenses owe their ultra lightness to the material from which they are made, which boasts an unrivalled index / density ratio.

Airwear 1.59 is:
30% lighter on average than a 1.5 index lens
15% lighter on average than a 1.53 index lens
12% lighter on average than a 1.6 index lens

A lens made to last...
Shock and scratch-resistant...

Tests carried out prove that Airwear is 12 times more shock-resistant than standard plastic lenses. Airwear has also passed the most stringent European and American tests (Safety standard ANSI W87.1).

Many sporting pastimes and some occupations such as driving increase the risk of damage to the eye. Airwear's extreme resistance to impact makes it the ideal choice for active wearers. Children also fall into this category and can now benefit from Airwear Junior, our Airwear lenses tailored for children. Airwear lenses are resistant to scratches.

All wearers can benefit from Airwear lenses and feel

safe in them.
A lens that makes our patients feel good...
Because of its 1.59 index, an Airwear lens is 20% thinners than standard 1.5 index lens and perfectly suited to discreet, lightweight frames.
Its robustness ans weight make Airwear lenses particularly suitable for rimless frames also.
A lens for all occasions
Perfect for outdoor activities, Airwear lenses provide 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.
However, Airwear is also available with a tint to protect wearers against glare even in bright sunlight.

Download : Airwear 1.59 Brochure.pdf [0.40 MB]

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