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emPower! Self-Focusing Electronic Eyewear

Now you can adjust your vision just by living your life. With emPower!™, the first electronic-focusing eyewear. A touch of the temple or tilt of the head activates a layer of liquid crystals in each lens, instantly creating a near-focus zone. emPower! not only gives you control over your vision, it also provides wider fields of view and less distortion than progressives. 
They're high-definition. You're the remote.
If you currently wear progressive lenses or bifocals, emPower! will transform the way you see and give you unprecedented control over your vision.

How It Works?Touch, touch, swipe.

GlassesEach of the lenses in emPower!™ Eyewear features a virtually invisible layer of
liquid crystals that instantly adjusts
 and provides you with a near-focus zone.
Activating that zone is simple. In Manual mode, a touch of the temple triggers
the near-focus zone, while another touch turns it off. A swipe of the temple
activates the Automatic mode, so the near-focus zone turns on and off in
response to up and down movements of your head. And a portable charger
lets you power emPower! for 2–3 days with a single charge.

Glasses image
Liquid crystals in 
the lens is solid science.
The lenses for emPower! eyewear  feature virtually invisible layers of liquid crystals that instantly adjust and provide a near-focus zone whenever you need it.

Glasses image 

Eyesight à la mode.
A touch or swipe of the temple 
activates three modes of operation
on emPower!

Glasses image
With emPower!
you're in charge.
Electronic focusing requires
recharging. We made it as effortless as going to bed.

See the future through a layer of liquid crystals.

emPower! is designed to provide sufficient power for comfortable vision when the electronic readign zone is in Off mode.  Since the reading zone can be turned on and off as needed, you don't have to deal with it when near-vision isn't required.
An electronic reading zone is instantly activated by a layer of liquid crystals embedded in each lens.
Instant, automatic vision correctionfor all ranges of sight.
Wider fields of view than with a progressive addition lens.
Less swim and distortion than with a progressive addition lens.
A touch - with a touch of the temple, Manual On activates the invisible electronic reading zone.  With another touch, Manual Off deactivates teh electronic reading zone.  A swipe - with a swipe of the temple, Automatic mode activates an accelrometer, so the electronic reading zone turns on and off in response to head movement.
Glasses in a charger
emPower!™ comes equipped with a portable charger that helps keep you in charge of your vision.
emPower! can be fully charged overnight. A single charge lasts 2–3 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

With emPower! Eyewear, nothing is out of the question.

Will emPower! Eyewear work at extreme temperatures?
emPower! Eyewear has been proven to work in extreme cold or hot temperatures, but like any electronic product, it is important they not be left on the dashboard or other hot surface for an extended period of time
Will the temple touch-swipe area wear out?
PixelOptics has performed tests with numerous people wearing and using the product. None have experienced the temple touch-swipe area wearing out. The swipe of emPower! is no different than the swipe of an iPhone. We do not anticipate any problems with it wearing out.
What is the lifetime of the batteries? How long does a single re-charge last? Can I overcharge emPower! Eyewear?
Based on normal use, the batteries could last up to approximately three years. Depending on your occupation and your eyewear use, a single re-charge on the portable charger can last (on average) up to 2–3 days. It is impossible to overcharge emPower! as an “overkill” function stops the charging when full.
Is emPower! Eyewear water resistant? What should I do if it gets wet (extreme downpour, worn in the shower or pool, etc.)?
Yes, emPower! is water resistant. While it is highly discouraged to submerge your emPower! Eyewear, it been shown to survive and work properly even after being under water for an extended period of time. emPower! must be allowed to dry completely and recharged for proper functionality. If they do not function afterwards, you should return them to your Eye Care Professional for repair.
How do I clean my emPower! Eyewear?
Use the emPower! cleaning cloth that came with your kit. If necessary, you can lightly dampen it with an ALCOHOL-FREE lens cleaner. Never apply or spray alcohol or lens cleaner on emPower!
Can a prescription be changed, tuned or reprogrammed, or do I need new frames for prescription changes?
If you have a new prescription, a pair of eyewear will be manufactured to fit the new Rx. Depending on the condition of the frame, a new frame may not be required. There is one exception to the standard process: the frame will need to be returned to the lab so lenses can be inserted. In the future, we will be training Eye Care Professionals to insert lenses.
What type of no-glare treatment is being used?
A high-quality, no-glare treatment will be used on all emPower! Eyewear. The exact brand will depend on the certified laboratory processing the emPower! job.
Will emPower! set off alarms or be damaged when going through airport security?
No. emPower! can be worn through airport security just as hearing aids are.

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