Monday, July 11, 2011

NIDEK ICE-1000 Intelligent Blocker/Tracer

The NEW NIDEK ICE-1000 is part of the LEX-1000 Edger Series replacing the NIDEK ICE-9000 Intelligent Blocker.
Features and Benefits

The NEW NIDEK ICE-1000 Super Intelligent Blocker meets the demands of the times. In addition to its blocking functions it can also read the perimeter of a demo lens for rimless drill mounts, create a hole position, edit shapes and manage data. The ICE-1000 can do everything necessary for processing today’s challenging lenses.

Measurement accuracy is at its highest level with the newly designed optical systems of the latest technology. Lenses with weak power can be measured properly and progressive lenses can be detected automatically. Errors caused by prismatic effect are eliminated.

  • Integrated Auto Lens Meter saves space in lab
  • Super Intelligent recognition of multifocal and progressive lenses for block positioning
  • Integrated Shape Imager reads perimeter of demo lens for rimless drill mounts, creates a hole position, edits shapes and manages data
  • Dual Detection Modes for Single Vision & Progressive Lenses
  • Automated Rotating Block Head Moves in X, Y and Theta Axes blocks on geometric or optical center without need for manual decentration
  • Large Color Touch Screen with Information Bar prompts operator with "next step" information
  • LED Light Source
  • Provides easy viewing of even the most difficult tinted/polarized lenses
  • Lens Clamp stabilizes slippery coated lenses while blocking
  • Specially designed lens stage
  • Guarantees proper block insertion and LEAP preparation

Technical Specifications

Lens Size: 80mm diameter (maximum)
Layout Modes : Single Vision Lens (two modes); Bifocal Lens; Progressive Lens (two modes); Manual Mode
Blocking Method : Motorized Blocking

Tracing Methods : Automatic 3-D Binocular Tracing
Measuring Points : 32,000 reference points per eye
Frame Clamping : One-touch automatic clamping

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