Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trilogy Lenses

Clear Vision, Safety & Lightweight
If you want clear, crisp vision without compromising today’s advanced lens technology and you want a lens material that is not only thin but lightweight, then you want Trilogy. No matter what your vision needs are, whether work or play, sport or hobby, Trilogy lens material is the right choice. Only Trilogy offers a unique balance of superior optics, the true combination of a thin and lightweight lens as well as an impact resistant material that exceeds the FDA requirements. All of these benefits are available in one material

The Balance of Trilogy
Want the best features all in one lens? Nothing is as important to your quality of life as your vision. If you want to enhance your vision and your comfort and safety, Trilogy is the choice for you. See for yourself how the balance of Trilogy compares to other "thin and light" lens materials:

Do I need a special edger to edge Trilogy?
No. Many of today’s edgers have settings or macro’s built in to accommodate Trilogy. If your edger does not, the easiest way is to use a polycarbonate setting. If you use a “dry edger” or an edger that cuts with a blade, there is nothing out of the ordinary for you to worry about. Just be sure you are using a sharp clean blade. If you use a “wet edger” or one that cuts with a wheel again, use a poly-type cycle and run a small amount of water on the finish cycle. When done edging Trilogy, be sure to clean or dress the wheels to avoid any residual material being left on the wheels.

Can I use alcohol or acetone with Trilogy?
Yes. Due to advanced processing, Trilogy material is resistant to these common chemicals.

Can I go to a 1.0mm CT with Trilogy?

Do Trilogy lenses protect against UV?
Yes, Trilogy lenses block 100% UVA and UVB.

What is the abbe value of Trilogy?

Can I AR coat Trilogy?

Can I tint Trilogy?

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