Saturday, July 9, 2011

MEI is writing a new page in the ophthalmic lenses edging method !

MEI 641


The new Mei641 ophthalmic lenses edger pulls together the function of different edging, grooving and drilling machines and covers all modern lab edging needs.

With the ability to bevel, to polish, to groove and to cut wrap sport lenses with steps, combined with the capacity to adapt the tool cutting angle to the lens curvature, Mei641 makes simple what is normally complicated and helps the ophthalmic lab to catch up with the fashion latest needs.

Mei641 main features

  • Available edge types: Straight and Inclined Bevel, polished Rimless, polished Groove, Drill mounting, Inclined T-bevel, Inclined step Bevel.
  • Full auto configuration capacity: thanks to the lens thickness detecting units machine determines automatically the exact cutting angle and optimises the cutting program job by job.
  • Ready for all kind of lens surfaces: mono focal and progressive, decentred, cylindrical, toroidal lenses with bases from zero to 16, also with coating.
  • Options: Smart bevel functions: adjusting the bevel position accordingly with the frame base; double size groove: 2 performing 2 or more groove's width and depth on the same lens; Step back at the specific spot; Drilling angle fully adjustable; different inclination along the lens edge.
  • Ready for all plastic materials: Polycarbonate, CR 39, High Index, Trivex and any further plastic material.
  • Ready for the link with the optical world: interface with the most popular tracer, interface with the most popular lab software management, WindowsXP, Oma standard interface and direct modem connection with MEI’s factory.
  • "SunClick" function: import the coordinate to perform a notch where the magnete is glued, as well as the holes to set the sunscreen bridge. That allows to positioning the magnete in the same position than the sunscreen, preparing the RX lenses and sunscreen jobs

Why to chose MEI edger?

Production rate
Thanks to the milling technology the cutting process is fast due to the method to cut away the excess part of the lens. The range of tools allow to perform any kind of edge with just one cutting process, avoiding any manual working. The accuracy of the finishing is also granted by the precision of the measurement acquired by the feeler. More production in the same time means more business.
The milling technology and the 4 axes allow the machine to perform any kind of shape with any angle. Also the step back or high base (up to base 16!) in some sport lenses is not a problem. The machine is equipped with a range of tools that ensure any kind of working process (see the workable edge types). The opportunity to perform also special edge types normally enable the lab to get more work increasing the business.
Easy to use
The traditional shape can be performed just calling the job (digit the number or reading the bar code). The operator is trained to drawn any sport and fashion lenses with Tecnocam software. It’s no longer the time of skilled workers that work manually special edge.
No obsolescence
The frame of the machines allow any software and tools updating. In this way the lab can use always the last version of the edge. In case the future eyewear requirement asked new edge types won’t be necessary to change the edger (with new investment) but updating software and some part of the hardware the edger will be able to perform new solutions. Besides, the industrial structure of the edger grant a long life time. Just try to set a long-term strategy in your business.
The milling process and the measurement feeler allow to arise the higher accuracy of the finishing. The complete automatic cutting process grant the perfect mirroring of both lenses. No manual working are required, thus the quality don't lay it on the line. You can deliver your job without any matter of concern!
Reducing waste products
The mirroring help you to perform two perfectly identical lenses. Besides the milling process, using a tenth of force on the lens compared with grinding process, and the Double Drive allow to work any hydrophobic lenses without any risk to rotate them or damage the coated surface (without any protection tape). Finally it’s a save of money that affect the bottom line of your business.
Reducing in maintenance costs
The industrial structure of the machine needn’t so much assistance and maintenance. The operator is trained to replace the material subject to wear by himself; and the costs of the tools is cheap. Almost all those requirements of the clients are solved by phone or remote control. Besides, thanks at the dry cutting process the water consumption is minimum. All these features reduce remarkably the maintenance costs. Currently how much do you pay for that?
Compatible with any devices
All our edger use standard OMA protocol. OMA language is worldwide used in ophthalmic field so the edge software is open to be interfaced with any devises or lab software management. In this way our clients can install our machine without to worry about the present and future configuration of their labs. It means no need to replace devices just bought.

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