Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Magic of ic! berlin

Ralph Anderl - The founder
Proving that German craftsmanship is amongst the best in the world, IC! Berlin and PlastIC! Berlin Eyewear feather-light screw-less and flexible frames combines urban elegance with uncompromising strength. This collection is hand crafted from 0.5 millimeter thick stainless steel while featuring its patented spring-hinge-clasp-system, preventing each frame from losing its shape while providing perfectly designed eyewear that rarely has need for adjustments.These creations amaze everyone who has the opportunity to wear them. Designers Phillip, Ralph and Harald have elevated fashion eyewear and frame technology to a new level. This is one company not afraid to be different and does not waiver from their concept. With inspiration from art and architecture, the designers of IC! Berlin and PlastIC! Berlin frames have captured the ideal concept of eyewear design combining minimal and bold.IC! Berlin and PlastIC! Berlin looks great everyone, so go ahead pick a pair that's right for you.

Ic! Berlin is an cool eyewear concept developed by Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottschling in Berlin in 1997, before they founded their new brand MYKITA in 2003. 
The company’s mainstay is sheetmetal glasses, priding itself in designing and producing them without screws, soldering or welding. The screwless system allows users to separate the temples from the front frame, and change the lenses by hand with a few twists and turns.
ic! berlin temples are uniquely designed to use no screws, however, this sometimes leaves people confused as to what to do when the temples come off. Here's a very detailed video that shows how to take the temples off and on all by yourself. Or, if this just doesn't appeal to you, bring them on in to us & we'll fix them in no time flat!

ic! berlin hand makes all their glasses out of stainless steel sheet metal. Here is a great video to get an idea of all the handiwork that goes into these special frames

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