Wednesday, September 21, 2011

E-mail Rx-Lens ordering application for the retail optical shops!!! with source code.

Today several sophisticated lens ordering programs are available in the market. Most of them are belongs to the lens suppliers. But still there are huge number of optical retailers are ordering the lenses by e-mail.

  • The major Drawback of mail orders is the high ratio of typing error.
  • There is no validation of cross checking
  • Always a need of formatting the text or fonts.
  • No option for selecting lens types, always need to be typed.

To avoid these difficulties, I have developed an application which will help you to make lens orders without making a least error percentage. You can use this application to send a lens order to any company via email. This program is completely developed in Visual Basic 6. I am uploading the source code of this program so that developers can modify this according to the individual need. Hope I covered almost possibilities to avoid less typing and mistakes. There is a separate database for lens type. (lensdata.mdb), You can add your lens types to this file. I have already put almost lens types from Zeiss. This databese will give you full freedom to input thousands of lens types.

The order will be sending to a pre-defined e mail id. You can define a CC field to get one copy to your id for the future reference.

I have used gmail settings to send the email. (all order will be sending from, you can change it if you need a different id) So there is no e-mail sending program needed to send an order.

Screen shots:

Order entry screen with full option

Sending Options

Order Preview before sending.
Download Program


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